Dec 16, 2019

Minister turns down CEB rate hike

The proposal put forward by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) to increase the electricity rates charged from consumers by Rs.1.50 per unit in order to offset the debt payable by the CEB this year amounting to 21 billion, had been turned down by subject Minister Mahinda Amaraweera.

In a discussion held between the CEB authorities and the Minister, it had been revealed that the financial loss of the CEB in this year was Rs. 85 billion and in addition there was debts amounting to Rs.83 billion to be paid to the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation and Rs. 42 billion to be paid for the electricity obtained from the private sector.

The Minister had said that persons responsible for the loss the CEB had incurred should firstly be recognised. When inquired as to who was to be held responsible for the loss, the former Secretary had been cited.

The Minister had informed that the person responsible for this instability would be subject to punishment disregarding his status.

(Daily Mirror)