Dec 16, 2019

Many crimes committed by ‘white van’ drivers unravelled by CID! Featured

The CID has uncovered many other crimes committed by the two white van drivers who were brought before the media by former minister Rajitha Senaratne during the presidential election campaign claiming to have carried out white van abductions and transporting 7000 tons of gold for the current president at the time he was the Defence Secretary.

The two suspects Athula Sanjeewa Madanayake alias ‘Undial Athula’ and Anthony Douglas Fernando had been arrested by the CID last Saturday at the ‘Sri’ restaurant on Mahara Road, Kadawatha.

The CID had commenced the investigation regarding these criminals based on a complaint lodged by the ‘Sinhale’ Organisation’s National Organiser Kumudu Pradeep Sanjeewa with the CID.

Undial Athula has revealed many crimes committed by him during the CID interrogations.

The 2013 Rs. 7.5 million heist in Ja-Ela had been carried out by Undial and group.

Similarly, when the owner of Polytex garments had withdrawn Rs. 7.5 million from Hatton National Bank in Ja-Ela and was entering the factory in a van, this group had arrived in a white van and taken the money and fled.

The factory owner who had withdrawn the money for his daughter’s wedding had died of a heart attack a week later as he was heartbroken and tormented over the incident.

Further, on August 06th  2013 this group is also facing charges of having threatened the Saranga Jewellers staff at gun point using T56 weapons and stolen foreign currency and gold worth Rs. 35 million.

They had also stolen a Town Ace van worth Rs. 2.1 million from Modara and had also assaulted a person on the haed with a pole and made away with Rs. 1 million the victim had withdrawn from Kotahena Commercial Bank on April 05th 2012.

Then on April 05th 2013 this group had come in a white van and stabbed a couple who had withdrawn Rs. 1.15 million from Kandana Hatton National Bank  and stolen their cash and also robbed another women of her Rs. 300,000 she had withdrawn from HNB,. Ja-Ela. .

It has also been revealed that one of Undial’s disciple had been killed when he had been shot at using a locally manufactured weapon during a heist in Kotahena.

They had also stolen Rs. 750,000 from a couple who had withdrawn that money from Commercial Bank, Wattala in 2013 and also stolen another 350,000 from an Undial joint in Modara.

On October 17, 213 when Undial Athula was arrested by the TID over these crimes, 12 large scale robberies he had committed together with criminals Prasanna Sujeewa, Susin Silva (Sujee) and Suneetha Weerasinghe.

This group is also suspected to be connected to a murder committed in the vicinity of the Bellanwila Temple. A drug kingpin known as Galkisse Athula and given this group a contract to kill his rival drug dealer paying them Rs, 2 million for it. The assailants had abducted the victim in a white van and murdered him making it look like he had been abducted by security forces.

Rajitha’s name also mentioned

Meanwhile, this criminal duo had revealed that they had participated in the media briefing hosted by Rajitha Senaratne on November 10 in Colombo on his advice on the agreement that all cases against them would be removed and they would be paid Rs. 2 million for their act, the CID had extracted from them during the interrogation, the Aruna Newspaper reported.

Held for 72 hour questioning on ASP orders

The CID had detained the two suspects for 72 hours for questioning on the detention orders obtained from an ASP. They are expected to be produced in court today (16).