Dec 15, 2019

Hambantota Expressway to be completed by February Featured

Director of Road Development Authority (RDA) General Kamal Amaraweera says that the Expressway from Kottawa to Hambantota will be open for public from next February.

Accordingly,Secretary to the Ministry of Highways, Ports and Shipping R. W. P Premasiri has informed contractors to complete the construction of the Southern Expressway from Matara Godagama to Barawakumbuka by February next year.

It is further said that the Secretary to the Ministry has also discussed regarding the other expressways that are currently under construction with the relevant sections.

It is said that the charges for vehicles traveling from Kottawa to Katunayaka through Outer Circular Highway will be revised in the near future.

The decision has been taken as complaints are being received from vehicle owners regarding the toll fee.

Accordingly, the Director General of RDA says that the toll fee will be revised soon.