Dec 11, 2019

Acute fertilizer shortage! Featured

There is an acute shortage of fertilizer for vegetables and other crops during the Maha season, it is reported.

According to National Fertilizer Secretariat internal sources, there is an acute shortage of Muriate of Potash or MOP, Triple Super Phosphate and other mixed fertilizers.

These sources added that as a result, vegetable, cinnamon, coconut, maize, Mung beans and many other crops are seriously affected by the shortage of fertilizer.

The Fertilizer Secretariat noted that the previous Agriculture Minister had issued directions to distribute all fertilizer stocks which has led to this fertilizer shortage.

However, when inquired, the Agriculture Ministry Secretary Neil Bandara Hapuhinna said that there is no serious fertilizer issue island wide.

There are allegations that during the previous regime the Agriculture Ministry had acted as per the requirements of private companies which is the main reason for this shortage of fertilizer.