Dec 09, 2019

Swiss embassy staffer's overseas travel ban extended Featured

The Swiss Embassy staffer involved in the alleged abduction incident has arrived at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for the second day of recording a statement.

Speaking in courts today (09) the CID informed the Colombo Chief Magistrate - Lanka Jayaratne that a statement from Ms. Garnia Barister Francis was obtained for nearly 09 hours yesterday.

The CID added they would require recording another statement from her for ongoing investigations.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne also ordered for the travel ban imposed on the Swiss Embassy employee to be further extended to the 12th of December.

The Judicial Medical Officer (JMO) was ordered by the court to produce a report on whether she was sexually harassed or assaulted. In addition, court-ordered for a psychological evaluation also be produced.

The CID said the Swiss Embassy employee was directed to a JMO before recording a statement from her when she arrived at the CID last evening. It was revealed in court, due to the absence of a female doctor, the Swiss Embassy employee had refused to appear before the JMO.

The CID had instructed the Swiss Embassy employee to report to the CID today, to continue recording his statement. The CID informed court, she would be directed to the JMO once again today. President’s Counsel Upul Kumarapperuma appearing for the woman in question said, local and international medical reports claiming his client was under severe mental stress, were produced to the court.

The President’s Counsel highlighted his client is the aggrieved party adding the investigations taking place are carried out against her. The Colombo Chief Magistrate ordered the Criminal Investigations Department to expedite the investigations.