Dec 09, 2019

4-hr statement from Swiss Embassy officer: Medical examination performed Featured

The Swiss Embassy employee Garnier Banister Francis who claims to have been abducted had recorded a statement with the CID last evening (08).

The CID had recorded her statement for around four hours. She had arrived at the CID together with two lawyers.

The Colombo Fort Magistrate Lanka Jayaratne had issued an order on December 03rd instructing this officer to record a statement with the CID prior to December 09th and issued an order preventing her from leaving the country.

The Second Officer of the Swiss Embassy had earlier told the CID that the said employee had been abducted while on her way to St. Bridget’s Convent Colombo 07 to attend the parents teachers meeting of her two daughters and that while she was travelling in an Uber taxi, five persons had abducted her around 4.15 on November 25 and over the span of around two hours, assaulted her and questioned her regarding the issuing of a visa to CID officer Nishantha Silva who had fled the country earlier.

However, upon investigation the CID notified the Foreign Affairs Ministry regarding the discrepancies in the details provided and the actual timeline of events based on Uber, CCTV and other evidence, the Foreign Ministry had issued a statement.

The investigation was carried out by the Director CID W. Tillakaratne, ASP Lokuhetti and OIC Criminal Branch CI Ranjith Munasinghe.

According to CID sources, the CID had recorded a detailed statement from the time of the alleged incident and based on evidence gathered during the investigation.

The Swiss Embassy officer had arrived at the CID together with the officers of the Embassy around 2.30 pm and subsequent to recording the basic details, she had been escorted under security to the Colombo General Hospital for examination by a Judicial Medical Officer (JMO).

However, as the Swiss Embassy officials had protested against a Male JMO examining her, she was later presented before a female JMO.

Thereafter, she had returned to the CID and having recorded her statement, she had left the CID around 7.00 pm.