Dec 07, 2019

Sri Lankan brigadier found guilty by UK court

Former Defence Attaché at Sri Lankan High Commission in London Brigadier Priyanka Fernando was found guilty at the Westminster Magistrate's Court today for committing public order offences over the ‘throat slitting gesture’ in London, 2018.
The Brigadier displayed a warning during a demonstration by LTTE activists in front of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London on February 4, 2018. The incident led to controversy, with pressure for the removal of the Brigadier from office. 

It was also reported that Brigadier Fernando was fined £2000, prosecution cost of £1842.80, victim surcharge of £127 & compensation of £450.

Fernando was found guilty of violating  Section 4A  (1)  and  (5) of the Public  Order  Act 1986, with the court stating that his actions and gestures were threatening, caused harassment and that he intended them to be so.

However, the Westminister Magistrates’ Court ruled that the defendant is not protected by diplomatic immunity and delivering today’s verdict, the Senior District Judge said he sees no reason to re-visit that ruling.