Dec 06, 2019

Human Rights Officer receives death threat over temple issue Featured

The Vavuniya District investigating officer of the Human Rights Commission Rohitha Priyadharshana has received a letter threatening his life, he complained to the Vavuniya Police yesterday (05).

In the letter received by him by post it states that a large group of persons had complained to the Human Rights Commission regarding the Mulaithivu, Gurukanda Neeraviadi Pilleyar Kovil incident, but Priyadharshana had done nothing about it.

Seeking justice

Subsequent to complaining to the HRC seeking the ownership rights of the Pilleyar Kovil, those who sent the letter alleges that instead of looking into the matter, the monk at the Gurukanda Viharaya had been allowed to reside there. Therefore, the letter alleges that a huge issue had arisen as a result and had threatened Rohitha Priyadharshana to be careful.

However, he noted that the Human Rights Commission does not have the power to allow any party to acquire any land based on a complaint made, which belongs to the Archaeology Department and which is in dispute.