Dec 05, 2019

Swiss visas to Lankans suspended Featured

The Swiss Embassy has temporarily suspended the issuance of tourist visas to those traveling to Switzerland, it is reported.

This measure is said to have been taken over the recent crisis between the two countries.

VMS Global accepts the Swiss visa applications but this temporary ban also affects the tourist visas, it is reported.

Alleged abduction on CCTV footage

The police had inspected all the CCTV footage from cameras fixed around the Cinnamon Gardens area where the alleged abduction is said to have taken place, but no such footage pertaining to an abduction had been found in them, according to police investigations.

The Swiss Embassy official had notified the Acting IG that the embassy employee Garnia Baristus Francis had been abducted in the vicinity of Sr. Bridget’s Convent in Cinnamon Gardens.
Accordingly, the CID had thoroughly examined all the CCTV cameras of all shops, State institutions, Private institutions, homes and street CCTV cameras in the Cinnamon Gardens area, but none of these contained footage of any abduction.