Dec 04, 2019

ISPs yet to pass on slashed telecom levy tax benefit

Internet service providing companies (ISPs) have so far not given the advantage of the 25 percent telecommunication levy reduction to internet consumers, Information Technology Society of Sri Lanka (ITSSL) Chairman Rajiv Yasiru Kuruvitage said.

The Telecommunication Levy was reduced by 25 percent from December 01.

Internet users can complain to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) if any internet operator fails to pass on the benefit of 25 percent levy cut to users, TRC Deputy Director (Interconnection and Sector Analysis) Indrajith Handapangoda said.

He said all internet operators have been informed to comply with new tax amendments.

Handapangoda told Daily News said pre-paid customers will see an increase in the data volume they receive, while the post-paid customers would have to wait till the end of month to notice it in the bill.

“That is a compulsory tax reduction and no operator can avoid it. If there is any concern in that regard, send us the information, we will definitely make an inquiry on the operator and do the needful. Usually, all operators comply with tax revisions,” he said.