Dec 02, 2019

I will rise again - MS

I will rise again. I have not ended my political career with the end of my tenure of office as President, as some people think. I will rise again to serve the people of this country. I will serve the people until the last breath of my life, former President Maithripala Sirisena said.
Addressing a gathering at the felicitation ceremony - Maithri Prasada held at the Polonnaruwa Pulathisi Buddhi Mandapaya, he said "when I left Mahinda Rajapaksa Government in 2014 some said I was smashing my head against a rock. Some are still in the same view - but I am confident.

I feel and see through what some say and do, they are of the impression that I have finished my political career. However instead I will reemerge in politics and continue to serve the country and people until my last breath and no one can stop me.

Speaking further he also mentioned about the world leaders who loved people and laboured to serve them were subjected to insult, affront, and contempt - American president Abraham Lincoln, Dr Martin Luther King who struggled against apartheid and Mahatma Gandhi in India were all assassinated. In our own country former Prime Minister S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike was assassinated with a pistol by a Buddhist monk, this is such a world.