Nov 30, 2019

Prison safety wall breached by landslide, prisoners lives at risk Featured

The rear end of the Kegalle Remand Prison safety wall has been broken due to a landslide, it is reported.

The rear section of the 35 foot safety wall had broken due to an earth slip during heavy showers and the waste water from the prison also flows into the canal through this section. As a result the rock stones of the foundation has also come loose causing a section of the safety wall to collapse.

Eroded section covered with plastic and roofing sheets

This section which had eroded due to the landslide has been covered with tin roofing sheets and plastic, leaving room for the waste water to flow through a separate section.

There are over 800 prisoners housed at this facility through the Kegalle and Kurunegala courts. According to a senior prison officer, if the safety wall collapses outwardly, this could leave room for the prisoners to escape and if the wall collapses towards the prison, the lives of many prisoners could be in danger.

Saradiyel was held at this prison

The current prison in Kegalle was constructed by the English to imprison Uthuwankande Soora Saradiyel and after he was apprehended by the police he was held at this prison.