Nov 27, 2019

Lets fulfill our responsibilities and serve the people - President Featured

The newly conferred ministerial portfolios are not positions or privileges, but they are important responsibilities, said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The President expressed these views at the ceremony held to swear in State and Deputy Ministers of the new government today (27).

The President noted that although he would have preferred to reduce the number of Ministers, these positions were created considering the needs of the people.

Accordingly, 35 State Ministers and 3 Deputy Ministers took oath before the President.

Expressing his views President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said, “In awarding these posts, we cannot appoint those who worked for us politically and obtained a greater number of votes for us. Especially considering the restrictions as per the constitution, although we would like to reduce the number of state ministers, we cannot do so considering the amount of responsibilities outlined in our election manifesto. That is why we decided to keep the ministerial portfolios as they are. Some may have reservations regarding their ministerial posts, but all must understand that your responsibilities are immense. I have observed that there are many requirements of the people that need to be addressed. These ministerial portfolios have been assigned in order to fulfill these needs of the people. The ministries have been allocated based on the requirements of the people.”

“The Railway services State Minister was appointed because there is a great need for railway services to be expanded and made more efficient. That is why we have allocated this field under a State Minister.  We also discussed the need to develop the indigenous medicine service and promote it among tourists as the indigenous medicine industry in the country is fast disappearing. Having looked into the plight of the indigenous medicine industry, we have decided to appoint a State Minister for this subject. We have also spoken with the Social Empowerment Minister regarding poverty. During my election campaign and the election campaign of my opponent, we spoke of eradicating of poverty. This is why we have established a ministry for this subject. This is a very important ministry. Let us all commit ourselves to fulfill our responsibilities properly and empower out new country and serve the people,” President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa noted.