Nov 17, 2019

Will deliver justice to all those harassed in last 5 years - Mahinda

Former president and current opposition leader - Mahinda Rajapaksa has stated that a programme will be initiated, "to deliver justice to all those who have been subject to persecution and harassment by this government over the past five years.

"In a statement following the victory of his brother - Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was elected as the 7th executive president, Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa states,"The people have voted decisively in our favour at this election because of disaffection with the conduct of this government over the past five years. Therefore it is our duty by the people of this country, to conduct ourselves in a manner that will not inconvenience anyone."

He has also urged their party activists and supporters to celebrate their victory 'peacefully and without causing inconvenience to anyone.'

"We now have an opportunity to give a sense of direction to this country which has been drifting rudderless for five years. As stated in our candidate’s election manifesto, it will be necessary to rebuild the economy from the bottom upwards and to introduce constitutional and legal reforms to achieve this objective," the statement further adds.

The complete statement is as follows :

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