Jan 27, 2017

Indian minister to take education ministry, Salusala to court? Featured

Health minister of India’s Pondicherry Union Territory, Malladi Krishna Rao is in the island to seek legal advice to take Sri Lanka’s education ministry and Salusala to court, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

The likely court action relates to the breach of an agreement the Sri Lankan authorities have reached with a company owned by the Indian minister’s son Naguleswaran Rao to supply school uniform material.

The Sri Lankan agent for the deal, a businessman named Sarath Pathirana, has allegedly faked bills to supply clothing material he had obtained elsewhere.

According to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror, two secretaries are involved in the scam.

Two million metres of school uniform material sent by Naguleswaran is at the Global Park warehouse owned by the daughter of minister Ravi Karunanayake.

Another stock is being kept at the port.

A complaint lodged on 24 November last year by the Ceylon Teachers Union to the president and the FCID about Sarath Pathirana’s school uniform material racket is yet to be investigated.

The ministry nor the FCID has failed to notice a revelation made in this regard by Sri Lanka Mirror edition previously.

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