Nov 13, 2019

Another 4 prisoners seek presidential pardon: embark on a fast

Another four prisoners who are on death row had joined the other two prisoners yesterday who were protesting the presidential pardon granted to the Royal Park convicted murderer, demanding that they be pardoned too.

These four prisoners had climbed the roof of the Welikada Prison A ward yesterday (12).

In addition two other prisoners who are connected to other offences had also got on the roof of the prison yesterday.

The two death row prisoners had climbed the H ward roof on November 11th and demanded their pardon.

When the prisoners were let out of their cells last morning (12) two of them had climbed the roof of the three storied building.

The two prisoners who staged their protest on November 11th had refused food that afternoon, but according to prison sources, they had secretly obtained food and had it.

Meanwhile, there is information that following the Welikada prison protest, the death row prisoners at the Angunakolapelessa, Pallekale, Boossa and Dumbara Prisons are also preparing to protest.

Measures have been taken to deploy army and police guard opposite the Welikada Prison.