Nov 01, 2019

Most politicians instigating racism and extremism: Liyanage

Most of the current politicians are attempting to instigate racism and extremism to stabilise politically, Sri Lanka Labour Party Presidential Candidate A. S. P. Liyanage said yesterday.
Addressing a media briefing, he said that because of such politicians the country is falling to distress and debt.

“I have started my occupation as a teacher and now I’m a successful businessman. I have a clean career background without any corruption or being part of any extremist activities,” he said.

He said the Labour Party is a major political party in both countries and some already lead the countries.

“Sri Lanka Labour Party is comprised of poor labourers, middle class, rich people and as well as the professionals. I have discussed with several professionals. No single professional is representing our parliament. They are just politicians.

In 1978, J. R. Jayawardene said that to develop the country, professionals also should be in parliament. The late president introduced the national list concept in parliament to give an opportunity to them,” he said.

However, Mr Liyanage said that the corrupt leaders had misused that concept and appointed the politicians who were rejected by the people.

“I have served as the envoy to Nigeria and Qatar. So I'm the most qualified candidate among all the presidential candidates contesting the election. After the presidential election, there would be a parliament election in March 2020. So we need to appoint professionals to the parliament instead of corrupt politicians,” he said.

Speaking on religious leaders involved with politics, he said religious leaders should only do the religious activities and not politics.