Oct 08, 2019

Foreign funds of Naga & other main candidates

Nagananda Kodituwakku is said to have collected Rs. 11 million from foreign donors for his to contest the presidential election, it is reported.

He had collected these funds claiming to be contesting the presidential election and the funds are for his election expenses. He had also opened a bank account for this purpose.

However, the party under which Nagananda was to contest, ‘Okkoma Rajawaru Okkoma Wesiyo’ did not give him the opportunity to contest.

When he arrived at the Election Secretariat yesterday (07) the media questioned him regarding these funds and he said that he had received these funds for his election campaign from Italy, Switzerland, UK and Japan.

He said all these funds he had received has been properly documented and he would disclose the details to the media shortly.

When the media asked him which party he would extend his support to, he said he would give it proper thought and take a decision. He also noted that he is preparing to enter into an agreement with a political party.

According to political analysts, if Nagananda Kodituwakku had received 11 million for his election campaign, it is beyond comprehension how much the candidates of the main political parties would have received for their election campaigns.

It is also reported that foreign governments have also started funding the main political parties for their election campaigns.