Oct 08, 2019

Increase in tourist arrivals Featured

Reaffirming Sri Lanka as an attractive tourist destination around 1.4 tourists (1,376,312) had visited the country during the past several months.

According to the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, although the tourist arrivals had dropped drastically due to the Easter Sunday terror attacks, the situation has now returned to normal and tourists are arriving in the country as usual.

However, during the first nine months of 2018, 1,731,922 tourists had visited the country, but this year there was a drop of 20.5% during the same period this year.

The Tourism Development Authority stated that in September this year 108,575 tourists had visited the country.

However, in comparison with the tourist arrivals during the month of September last year, it is a drop of 27.2% and an overall drop of 20.5% in comparison to the first nine months last year.

Country wise, the highest number of tourist arrivals for 2019 is  from neighbouring India which was 28,917 visitors, according to the Tourism Authority figures. Meanwhile, the number of Chinese tourists arriving in the country last month had dropped from 19,600 to 9,231. This is a drop of 52.9%.

After the April 21, 2019 terror attacks the tourism industry suffered a major blow, while the tourist arrivals in May had dropped by 70.8% in comparison to the same month last year. However, the situation is expected to gradually normalise and during the five months after the terror attacks the lowest reduction in tourist numbers was recorded in September. The increase in tourist arrivals in June stood at 57%, July 49.6% and August 28.3%.

In September the Bora Conference was held in Sri Lanka and 21,000 Boras’ attended the conference from overseas, which was a major boost for the tourist industry.