Oct 07, 2019

TNA likely to support Sajith – TNA MP

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is likely to support Democratic National Front Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadasa, TNA parliamentarian E. Saravanapavan told journalists in Jaffna on Saturday.

He however said the TNA was yet to arrive at a final decision.

He said the TNA would meet all the Presidential Candidates and study their proposals to solve the national question and other issues in the North and the East.

“As of now, it is my opinion that the TNA has got no better option than supporting Premadasa. The votes of the people in the North and the East are important for any candidate at a Presidential Election. The TNA will have to explain its reasons before making a request to the people to support a particular candidate. The TNA will evaluate the policies of the political parties the candidates represent. However, the TNA or the people in the North and the East do not like to support a group embroiled in war crimes allegations,” Saravanapavan pointed out.