Sep 24, 2019

Another sanctuary faces destruction Featured

It is reported that the people who have forcibly occupied around 800 acres of land belonging to Kokilai sanctuary in Mullaitivu, have also built houses in the area.

Politicians have not only built a road through the sanctuary for these people, they have also provided them with electricity.

Kokilai2 670px 19 09 24Wildlife officials were aware

The Kokilai sanctuary is currently under wildlife authorities, who have informed of this to relevant officials, several months ago.

Regardless, over eighty acres of land has been forcibly occupied by people who have built houses at the premises.

The ministers of NPC involved

However, it is also reported that no room was given to develop these lands falling under the Mahaweli, after the present government came into power.

Officials have been advised to stop the development work.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that the lands of the Mahaweli L Zone are being forcibly used with the backing of ministers of the Northern Provincial Council.

Meanwhile, residents of the area allege that plots of 25 acres in the Kokkuthuduvai high ground have been leased to businessmen.

The Kokilai Sanctuary which is located in the Mullaitivu District was declared as a Sanctuary under Gazette No 10248 of 18th May, 1951. Spanning across a total area of 1995 hectares, it is covered with forests and highlands.

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