Sep 23, 2019

Sanctity of our temple defiled  - T. Raviharan Featured

Former Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Northern Provincial Council member T. Raviharan says that the sanctity of their temple was defiled by going against the order issued by Mullaitivu Magistrate's Court and burning a pyre in the premises where a Hindu temple is located.

He strongly condemned the Sinhala Buddhist monks and the Sinhalese public for engaging in such an act.

He said that the Hindu people do not  go to the Hindu Kovil even after eating meat and burning a pyre at such a holy place was a great disgrace done to their culture.

He said that  entire Tamil community including himself, do not approve of such an act which was carried out despite the court order to bury the body outside the Kovil premises.

He further stated that according to Tamil culture it is a great disgrace and he believes that this is  the first time such an act was done at a holy Kovil like this.

The body was cremated according to the decision of the Sangha Sabha - Ven. Gnanasara Thera

Meanwhile, Ven. Gnanasara Thera said that as per the decision of the Sangha Sabha, the body of Nayaru Thera were cremated in the temple premises as they do not agree with cremating a Buddhist monk's body according to Court decisions.

The case on the cremation rites of the Nayaru Gurukanda Rajamaha Vihara Chief Incumbent Ven. Kolamba Medhalankarakitthi was taken up at the Mullaitivu Magistrate’s Court, today (23 September).  

The Mullaitivu Magistrate S Leninkumar delivered an order for the final rites of the Nayaru Rajamaha Vihara Chief Incumbent to be carried out on the beach opposite to the temple.
Tamil residents in the area and the Mullaitivu Nirvariya Pillaiyar Kovil Governing Council had filed a complaint at the Mullaitivu Police protesting the body of the late Chief Prelate being brought into the temple grounds, where the Hindu Kovil was also situated.

Tamil lawyers boycott Mullaitivu court

Meanwhile, it is reported that Tamil lawyers of the Mullaitivu Magistrate's Court have not appeared in court proceedings this afternoon (23)  as a protest against burning the pyre of  Ven.Medhalankarakitthi Thera despite the court order preventing it.

Madhava Kulasooriya - Vavuniya correspondent