Sep 23, 2019

Dilrukshi confesses before AG! Featured

Solicitor General Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe had accepted before Attorney General President’s Counsel Dappula de Livera that the telephone conversations released on social media by the Avant Garde Chairman Nishshanka Senadhipathi are those which she had with Senadhipathi.

Senadhipathi is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Singapore and he had released this controversial voice cut over social media last Friday (20). Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe had met with the AG that same day in the evening and accepted that she had this conversation with Senadhipathi.

She had reported to work at the AG’s Department last Friday and the AG had summoned her and questioned her regarding this controversial voice recording and she had accepted that she had spoken to Senadhipathi.

Justice Ministry Secretary demands inquiry on Dilrukshi

Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry Secretary had requested the Attorney General to conduct a comprehensive investigation regarding Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe’s statement.

Justice Minister Thalatha Athukorale said, “If she thinks that a minister was involved in this incident, then she should reveal who the minister is…. Even if a minister was involved or not it is not acceptable le for an officer holding a responsible position to do such a thing.”

The Justice Minister made this statement during the foundation laying ceremony of the three storied court complex in Pugoda built at a cost of Rs. 50 million in response to questions posed by the media.

She further said, “She is an officer under the State Services Commission, although it is under our ministry. Our Ministry Secretary had made a request to hold an investigation and take appropriate action. This should be done by the AG and the State Service Commission.”

She also responded to questions raised by journalists.

Q. There are allegations made in her telephone dialogue that a government minister had pressured her.

A. She must say who the minister is. If she feels that a minister is involved in this incident, she should definitely reveal who it is.

“I too would like her to reveal the name of the minister, because we have not helped anyone for such activities. But, we don’t expect such things from state officials like her,” Athukorale said.