Sep 16, 2019

AzathSalley to be arrested? Featured

Based ona complaint lodged by the Theldeniya ASP Gamini Tennakoon to the Theldeniya SP,former Western Province Governor Azath Salley could be arrested, according topolice sources. 

Thecomplaint has been lodged by the ASP over a telephone conversation betweenAzath Salley and himself regarding the damaging of Buddhist statues inMawanella which Salley had distorted and posted on his FB page.

Alreadyarrangements have been made to forward the complaint, together with all relevantdocuments to the Acting IGP Chandana Wickramaratne. AzathSalley had pledged to hand over the two suspects Siddiq and Sadiq, inconnection with the damaging of Buddhist statues in Mawanella on December 22and 26 last year through a Maulavi.  

This wasrevealed by the former Kegalle DIG Palitha Siriwardena during an interview witha private TV channel.  AzathSalley had contacted the Theldeniya ASP after this TV programme.  Duringthe Mawanella incident Gamini Tennakoon was the Kegalle ASP.  

In atelephone call made by Azath Salley on September 03rd, he hadrepeatedly questioned the ASP stating that he had promised to hand over Sidiqand Sadiq’s father through a Maulavi.  In responseto every time Sally asked him this question, the ASP had stated that not thesuspects father but that Salley had promised to hand over the two suspects.  

The ASPhas stated in his complaints that he felt that Salley was recording this 7 minutesand 55 seconds telephone call.  

GaminiTennakoon has stated in his complaint that Salley had distorted this telephoneconversation and posted it on his FB page.

It isalso stated that it is observed that Salley had distorted this telephone conversation.Further,the ASP has stated in his complaint that despite promising to hand over the twosuspects to the Police, until the date the ASP had been transferred from theKegalle Division to Theldeniya, Sally had not handed over these two suspects tothe police.