Sep 14, 2019

Karu’s voice strengthens – Equal chance for Sajith

A groupof civil society representatives, university lecturers and professors,intellectuals and professionals had made a request to meet the Prime MinisterRanil Wickremesinghe this Sunday (15), according to the PM’s office sources.

However,they have not been given a time to meet him so far. The reason for them wantingto meet the Prime Minister is to persuade him to nominate Speaker KaruJayasuriya as the UNP presidential candidate.  

A prominentUNP member told Sri Lanka Mirror that the UNP working committee and themajority group of UNP-MPs are scheduled to meet Prime Minister RanilWickremesinghe on Monday (15) to urge him to nominate Speaker Karu Jayasuriyaas the presidential candidate from the UNF.  

Around 40members from the 69 member UNP working committee and around 32 UNP-MPs out ofthe 48 have placed their trust on Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and aresupporting him, a Ranil faction MP said.

However,he said that the Prime Minister has given Sajith the opportunity to show hismajority in an attempt to give him a fair opportunity.  

TNA-Ranilmeeting scheduled for 17th  

Meanehile,a decisive meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday (17)  between Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesingheand the TNA.