Sep 13, 2019

Cut-off date for Elpitiya postal votes extended? Featured

Attentionhas been focussed on extending the cut-off date for accepting of applicationsfor the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha elections.  

The ReturningOfficer of the Galle District Somaratne Widanapathirana said that a finaldecision in this regard would be taken after discussing the matter with theElections Commission.

Theaccepting of applications for postal votes for the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabhaelections is due to end today. However,the Returning Officer said that until yesterday (12) they had received only avery few applications.  

Accordingly,as today is also a government holiday, attention has been focussed on extendingthe cut-off date. Thematter would be discussed today and a final decision in this regard would beannounced today, Somaratne Widanapathirana said. 

700 officers

Meanwhile, the Galle District Deputy Election Commissioner K.U.Chandralal said that only around 700 election officers and security forcepersonnel for security is required for the Elpitiya elections. He said this during a media briefing regarding the current status of theElpitiya election.  

SituationcalmHe further said,

“So far we have received a few complaints, especiallywith regard to government interference in the routine affairs. We have lookedinto these complaints, but found nothing serious. The candidates are so farcooperating with the Election Commission officers and the security forces andthe police and adhering to the election rules. The current situation is very peaceful. We are also working towardsholding a very peaceful and fair election. The Election Commission officials arecommitted to ensuring a free and fair election. We need not worry about otherexternal factors. Several other parties are showing great interest in thiselection, but our main focus is on protecting the democratic rights of thepeople. We are committed towards that factor. We are in the process ofreceiving postal vote applications.”