Sep 05, 2019

Integrated electronic solution on traffic law violations: Govt.

The government had decided to implement a comprehensive and integrated electronic solution on traffic law violations in the country soon.

In a statement issued, it said that the cabinet had approved implementing an electronic system to manage data and information relating to traffic offences such as collecting of fines immediately and to implement a drivers demerit point system.

The decision was focused on enabling a method to pay spot fines and implementing a demerit points system for motorists.

The new system would be implemented based on the report including the research and recommendations of the National Agency for public-private partnership (PPP) established under the Finance Ministry.

The Cabinet of Ministers had approved a feasibility study to be carried out by the University of Peradeniya for an estimated sum of Rs.22 million which exclude taxes.

The proposal was presented to the cabinet by the Defence Minister.

(Daily Mirror)