Sep 01, 2019

Article 9.1 of UNP concealed by Sajith's group Featured

The legal secretary of United National Party (UNP),Chairman of People's Bank and President's Counsel, Nissanka Nanayakkara, said the party's Presidential candidate should be nominated according to Article 9 of the constitution of the UNP.

He says that after the Elections Commissioner announces the Presidential election, the first step according to party constitution is to summon the Working Committee to appoint a nomination committee, consisting of senior leaders, to select the candidate.

He further states that it is very clear in the Article 9.1 of the UNP constitution that the name of the selected candidate suggested by the nomination committee should be approved by the Working Committee.

Nissanka Nanayakkara pointed out that the presidential candidate should be elected only with the approval of the Working Committee and that according to the constitution of the UNP there is no room for the party's parliamentary group to be involved in the process.

According to Nissanka Nanayakkara, misleading the UNP voters by holding rallies all over the country while discussing about a Presidential candidate at state where the Presidential election has not been announced, is a complete violation of the constitution and discipline of the UNP

UNP Constitution 9 1