Aug 24, 2019

One billion loss due to traffic congestion Featured

Traffic congestions in terms of wastage of fuel and time has been estimated to cost the country around Rs. 1 billion daily, said the Megapolis & Western Development Ministry Additional Secretary Madhawa Waidyaratne during a radio interview.

He said the wastage of fuel due to traffic congestion and the wastage of labour which could be put to productive use contributes to the loss.

According to Waidyaratne, as many businesses are cantered around the Commercial Capital and the rapid increase in the number of private vehicles is the main cause for congestion.

The Light Rail Transport project and the ferry service launched using the inland waterways has been initiated with the aim of improving the public transport system which would help in reducing the usage of private vehicles for travel.

He assured that within the next two years a quality transport network would be established in the country.