Aug 24, 2019

5 students ordered to pay Rs.600,000 as compensation

Following an agreement reached by both parties to the case, Galle Additional Magistrate Sanjeewani Pathirana yesterday ordered five students of the Advanced Technological Institute at Labuduwa in Galle to pay Rs.600,000 as compensation to a female student of the same institute who was ragged and harassed by them.

The case which had been filed against one male student and four female students of the institute.

The victimised student who is a resident of Ihala Beligalla, Beliatta had enrolled in the institute on May 12, 2018, but had discontinued the diploma due to ragging.

She said she was subject to constant ragging and on May 30 last year was forced to kneel in front of the institute canteen and then subjected to verbal harassment and threats.

After her police complaint, the Dean of the institute had also submitted a complaint to the police in writing, with regard to ragging.