Aug 22, 2019

Signs of Gota being caught over Lasantha’s complaint! Featured

The Elections Commission is said to have focussed its attention regarding a complaint made that SLPP presidential candidate former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa had been registered in the electoral list at a time when he was not a Sri Lankan Citizen.

The BBC Sinhala Service had revealed details of this matter.

The complaint has been lodged by Lasantha Ruhunage questioning his ability to vote at the 2005 presidential election and have his name registered in the 2005 Mulkirigala electorate electoral register.

The BBC report further states that the Sunday Observer had recently published an exposé with the details of the electoral register of the Medamulana electorate. It states that Gotabhaya obtained his American citizenship in 2003 and became a dual citizen in 2005 after the presidential election.

Many attempts to contact Gotabhaya for a comment failed, but a spokesman from his quarter said that the government is bringing up various allegations in a futile effort to prevent Gotabhaya from contesting the presidential elections.

However, issuing a statement the Election Violence Monitoring Centre stated that at a time when Gotabhaya was not a citizen of this country to have his name registered in the Mulkirigala electorate voter register and him using
his vote at the Presidential election in 2005 is a serious matter.

They point out that according to clause 89 (A) of the Sri Lankan Constitution, no one who is not a citizen of this country could cast their vote or be registered to vote for any election. They pointed out that fraudulently registering one’s name in the voter register and casing their vote while not being a citizen of this country is a punishable offence by law.

Meanwhile, there was much hype recently regarding Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s name not being included in the second quarter list of the US citizens who had renounced their citizenship. 

However, Gotabhaya stated that he had applied for the renunciation of his US citizenship on April 17th and had received it on May 03rd.

Accordingly, suspicion arose regarding claims that his renunciation of his US citizenship had been done as his name was not on the list.

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador had told a selected group of journalists last Monday that in some instances the names are not on the list and it takes some time. But, she refused to comment on Gotabhaya’s situation specifically adding that it was a personal matter and revealing details regarding personal matters was against the US policy.

Media not permitted to question Gota

Meanwhile, UNP-MPs Hesha Withanage and Chaminda Wijesiri stated that no sooner Gotabhaya was nominated as the presidential candidate he had imposed restrictions on the media and decided that he should not be questioned by the media.

They stated that his media personnel and security personnel had notified the media to refrain from questioning Gotabhaya and only report what he says.

The two UNP-MPs made this statement at a media briefing held at Temple Trees yesterday.