Aug 20, 2019

Terror fear in Team India !

The Indian cricket team is currently in the Caribbean islands – continuing their long tour. In a dramatic series of events, they received a mail from Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) about a possible terror attack launch on the team.

It is understood that the Pakistan Cricket Board mail received an anonymous email stating current Indian team is in a possible terror threat.

The PCB drastically forwarded the mail to BCCI and did not mention the name of any terror group. The Indian Cricket Board have a copy of that mail from the Pakistani board.

Wasting no time, Indian Cricket board intimated Union Home Ministery about this issue and the latter contacted the Indian Embassy in Antigua, where India are scheduled to play their first test match.

BCCI confirmed about the mail and said the same: “We have briefed the home ministry and shared the email. The embassy in Antigua has also been contacted and briefed. The Mumbai police has also been informed and the security of the Indian team in the West Indies has been beefed up,”

Some of them read this mail and it did not look genuine. Pakistan Cricket Board have said that they won’t look too much into this issue and said: “PCB does not comment on safety and security issues”.