Aug 19, 2019

44 days of political upheaval - Rajith Keerthi

The Election Commission has 44 days to declare a presidential election, says Central Province Governor - Rajith Keerthi Tennakoon.

Speaking after a tour of the Ginigathena town, he said that a number of presidential candidates have been announced although there are at least 44 days more for the Election Commission to declare a presidential election,
he added.

"Our political senses can detect that much could happen within this period. It is not necessary to be surprised if the provincial council elections come first. Without the presence of proper public representatives, the Central Provincial Council has been inactive for over a year now...Two more provincial councils have been defunct for more than two years'... It is actually the provincial council polls that have fallen behind," he said.

The President has called for the Supreme Court opinion on this regard and we hope that the SC opinion will be announced around Aug. 23-26.

If the PC polls are taking place, the next issue will be the starting and ending date of a President's term at office, he further said.

"Again, in the 44 days leading upto October 01, much could happen in Sri Lankan politics. Candidates whom we have not even thought of could emerge... Some persons who have considered themselves as potential
candidates in the past can't even be found now... Therefore, according to our political knowledge, no one can predict about this presidential election and the next 44 days," he added.