Aug 17, 2019

Lanza arranges vehicle to attend pro-Sajith meeting! Featured

It is reported that the mayor of the Negombo Municipal Council Dayan Lanza has given a vehicle to a group of municipal councillors to attend a meeting on appointing Sajith Premadasa as presidential candidate.

The meeting was held at UNP MP Harshana Rajakaruna's residence in Attanagalle yesterday (16).

UNP Municipal Councilors Callison Jayakody, Nasmiar and Newman had attended the meeting and Lanza had arranged for them to go in a green coloured cab used by the Municipal Secretary. The vehicle as also come with a driver
from the Municipal council.

Meanwhile, the municipal commissioner of the Negombo municipal council has also been accused of using Rs. 900,000 taxpayers' money for her personal car while using the official vehicle of the council.

It is also said that the Negombo MC has become one of the most corrupt institutions under a 'rich partnership' between the UNP and SLPP.

(Source - Meepura)