Aug 14, 2019

Iraj's FB page back in action

The social networking group of the Sri Lanka People's Front (SLPA) has been able to unblock Facebook page of popular singer Iraj Weeraratne.

This page has received 1,102,183 likes.

Iraj Weeraratne has revealed this in a tweet as well.

According to him, a group of lawyers have appeared for him in United States.

Sri Lanka Mirror learns that the group of lawyers had been led by Dinesh Udagedara,a resident of the United States.

It is said that he is one of the key figures in Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's social media campaign.

As we have revealed earlier, it is said that Mr. Rajapaksa's social media campaign is being carried out by an American company.

Sajith's Page

The owner of the domain,, is a Sri Lankan student studying at University of California, San Francisco, learns Sri Lanka Mirror.

It is said that the price of the domain has now risen to US $ 4,000.