Aug 14, 2019

"SLPP MPs including MR can be ousted from parliament"

The Members of Parliament cannot function as members of two parties, said the Additional Elections Commissioner Saman Sri Ratnayake.

He said this in response to a query made by Sri Lanka Mirror regarding Mahinda Rajapaksa taking over as the leader of the SLPP and other UPFA-MPs taking membership of the SLPP and whether they could lose their parliamentary seats.

He said that once the SLFP removes those who took up membership of the SLPP and the UPFA is notified of this move, the UPFA could inform the Elections Commissioner and the relevant group’s MP posts could be cancelled. 

He further noted that there was another way which is to file a case in the Supreme Court on the basis that this group had been elected to parliament on the UPFA ticket and as they have now taken membership of another party, the court could issue an order to cancel their parliament seats.

The current parliament (15th parliament) has the mandate to function until August 07th next year (2020). According to the 19th Amendment the term of the current government is limited to five years.

The President has the power to dissolve parliament after 4 ½ years and he could do so after the 4 ½ year term ends on February 17th, 2020.

If parliament is to be dissolved prior to that, a proposal should be brought to parliament and it should be passed by a 2/3rd majority.

Parliament memberships of 7 MPs who lost, in danger

Meanwhile, addressing a media briefing yesterday, Nagananda Kodituwakku said that the MPs who lost at the election has no authority to be elected on the national list.

He noted that no such act was passed in parliament. Therefore, he said the MPs who had lost at the election and have been elected to parliament as MPs on the national list, cannot be considered Members of parliament.

In 2015 there were 12 MPs were appointed to parliament on the UPFA national list. However, he noted that seven of them were those who had lost at the election.

- Indika Sri Aravinda


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