Aug 12, 2019

I'm ready to lay down my life for the people - Sajith Featured

"I am ready to lay down my life at any given moment for the people of this country “ says Minister of Housing, Construction and Cultural Affairs Sajith Premadasa.

He made these comments as he addressed the United National Party (UNP) public rally in Wheels Park Playground in Badulla today (12 August).

Addressing the crowd he stated that he would sacrifice his life for the people, just as his father sacrificed his life for the people.

The Minister said that with the support of the people, he will be on his way to the very top in November.

"I will not call on the people of this country to tighten their belts while I loosen mine “ he added.

“Development should ensure that everyone is a winner. The benefits of development should not be experienced by only one group" he said adding that he will develop the country by implementing a program to empower local industries .

He further stated that he will implement educational institutes with international standards in every Sub Divisional Secretariat.

“We will dedicate ourselves to ensure national security” , he added.