Aug 12, 2019

Will the Badulla people witness Sajith’s talent today? (Video)

In addition to Sajith Premadasa’s county-wide building of houses, he also engages in hobbies such as photography and playing the guitar.

He not only speaks on political stages, but he also plays the guitar.

With the Flashback musical group playing on stage at today’s event, it is expected that Sajith would also showcase his musical talents on stage today.

The video below shows Sajith in action at a previous political stage where he played the guitar and drums.

Sajith’s stage

The stage erected for Sajith Premadasa in Badulla is shown below.

SajithPremadasa1 670px 19 08 12

SajithPremadasa2 670px 19 08 12

SajithPremadasa3 670px 19 08 12