Aug 10, 2019

Basil’s ‘disastrous change’ to be presented tomorrow

A documentary compiled by the leader of the Podu Jana Peramuna (SLPP) Basil Rajapaksa based on the issued faced by the country during the tenure of the current government is organised to be screened at all electorates,
according to MP Sisira Jayakody.

The 30 minute documentary focusses on the Easter attacks, Geneva resolutions, talks which puts the President and Prime Minister in a tight spot, Treasury Bond scam and the power crisis.

The documentary was screened before the Opposition MPs subsequent to their meeting last week.

Thereafter, all the opposition MPs had been given a copy of the documentary CD.

The documentary has been titled ‘disastrous change’.It has been compiled under the directions of the SLPP Founder Basil Rajapaksa and is expected to be screened at tomorrow’s party convention.