Jul 30, 2019

Akila transfers commissioner who testified before the PSC Featured

The former book publishing Commissioner I.B.C.K. Illangasinghe who gave evidence before the Presidential Commission appointed to investigate corruption between 2015- 2018 within the government, has been transferred to the Education Ministry pool.

He was giving evidence before the Presidential Commission regarding the publishing of Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam’s colour photograph on text books at an additional cost.

The Lanka Teachers Union in a statement said that the former Commissioner Illangasinghe had been targeted within the Education Ministry for having given evidence before the Presidential Commission, adding that this transfer is a result of such victimisation.

The statement further stated, “In a letter signed by Education Ministry Secretary M.N. Ranasinghe on 2019.07.24 under the number ED/4/58/6/285(iii), Commissioner I.B.C.K. Illangasinghe had been assigned to the Education Ministry reserve pool.
Illangasinghe is an Administrative Service first class officer and he had been transferred without any charge or inquiry.

It is clear that the Education Minister is targeting the officers who testify before the Presidential Commission instead of taking action to justify his actions.

The Education Minister did the same thing to the National Organiser of the The Professional Collection of Graduate Employees Prasad Malinda Rajapaksha who was employed at the Education Ministry and having transferred him on May 29, 2019, has by now been ousted from service for having given evidence regarding the fraud over the Suraksha Insurance scheme.

Although he had the right to express his views to the media, he was targeted on the grounds that he had given evidence pertaining to the above matter and for having spoken to the media and ousted from service.

By penalising the officers who give evidence against the alleged corruption in the Education Ministry, this is a clear attempt to frighten these officers and force them to keep silent regarding the corruption,” the National Organiser of the The Professional Collection of Graduate Employees said, condemning the actions taken by the Education Ministry and demanding that hunting of officers who stand up against corruption, be stopped immediately. .