Jul 20, 2019

Complaint against Magistrate who remanded Dr. Shafi Featured

Complaints have been filed against the Magistrate who had ordered Dr. Shihabdeen Mohammed Shafi to be remanded despite him having been cleared of allegations of having performed sterilization procedures on women by the media and Buddhist monks.

The young journalists association had filed a complaint against the Kurunegala Magistrate Sampath Hewawasam in the Judicial Services Commission.

The complaint requests that investigations be held regarding whether the magistrate had made a mistake about Dr. Shafi or whether this is all part of some comspiracy.

The Young Journalists Association had noted that the wives of the Kurunegala DIG Kithsiri Jayalath and Magistrate Hewawasam are both doctors at the Kurunegala Hospital.

The CID had presented a 210 page report in courts with over 750 witnesses evidence and showed cause that the doctor had been arrested without sufficient evidence and the Judicial Services Commission has focussed attention regarding on what grounds the magistrate had ordered Dr. Shafi to be remanded.