Jul 20, 2019

Daily OT Rs. 10m : Postal demand depreciates Featured

The Postal Department is finding it hard to sustain itself as they have to pay over Rs. 10 million in overtime payments per day, it is reported.

The Overtime has to be paid to the Postmasters and high ranking officers due to the shortage of officers.

It is revealed that the bulk of the OT goes for the payments of officers of the Central Mail Exchange, Kandy, Anuradhapura and other prominent post offices.

The constant strike action by the postal workers has also contributed to the decline in revenue and currently except for the examination papers the number using the postal service has reduced dramatically.

The Postal Department currently has a shortage of around 1150 officers and around twice the number of junior officers.

In addition to the OT the department require around Rs. 7500 million per year for salaries at the rate of around Rs. 625 million per month.

However, according to the Postmaster General Ranjith Ariyaratne, there is a shortage of around 1150 officers. But he said there is no shortage of junior cadre.

He admitted that a considerable sum is needed for OT payments, adding that the Postal Department requires around Rs. 3000 million annually to cover their expenses.