Jul 19, 2019

CCTV reveals the strange thieves in Nawalapitiya (Video)

Residents of Jayasundaraowita area in Nawalapitiya have been able to identify the thief, who was causing fear among villagers and had been stealing their goats and poultry, with the use of a CCTV camera system.

About 1500 families live in Jayasundaraowita area in Nawalapitiya and for the past few days the chicken and goats that were caged had been disappearing at night.

As the villagers' attempts to uncover the theft failed, they have installed a CCTV security camera system and it has been revealed that the night the robber is a Fishing Cat.

The villagers say that fishing cats living in the jungles of the river reserve near the Mahaweli River are threatening their village and due to the prevailing situation they are unable to leave the house at night.

Wildlife officials and the Nawalapitiya Police have been asked to take the Fishing Cats in the village and take them to another area.

Residents of Jayasundarawita have stressed that they will have to take steps to protect themselves from the two fishing cats as there is no solution given to this by the relevant authorities.