Jul 15, 2019

2nd 'Enterprise Sri Lanka' exhibition at A'pura

The ministry of Finance announces that the second edition of the Enterprise Sri Lanka Exhibition will be held at the Anuradhapura Walisinghe Harischandra Play ground from 24th to 27th July.

The exhibition will be held at the venue from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

A media release issued by the ministry further says :

This exhibition will be a platform for intended entrepreneurs to obtain the knowhow and share knowledge on the enterprise development. Arrangements have been made through the State and private banks and other relevant agencies to provide required assistance, advises and training to be an entrepreneur.

The Government decided to conduct this exhibition island wide and its second in the series will be in Anuradhapura which is aimed at selecting the youths to be absorbed as entrepreneurs in their field of selections applicable to the district. Commercialization of the agro industry, promoting the cashew and the coconut based industry in the province are the identified targets to be achieved through this exhibition.

State and the private banks will provide the necessary instruction and guidance enabling the intended entrepreneurs in the province to be qualified to Enterprise Sri Lanka interest subsidized loans.

This exhibition has been divided into seven different zones enabling the participants to have easy access to the venues of their choices. State and Private banks zones, State and non State Educational Zone, Green Zone, new inventors zone, Trade zone and Media Zones will provide the relevant facilities to all categories of the people.

The Trade zone especially will have the trade stalls of the Free Trade Zones in the country where the people will be able to purchase the readymade garments and other finished products at the duty free prices.

The Educational zone is dedicated for the students who seek guidance on their future educational prospects. The Ministry of Health along with the provincial Health department will conduct medical clinical services with laboratory facilities during this exhibition from July 24th to 27th.

Several other government ministries and departments will have their mobile service officers to provide the services to the needy people. The Consular office of the ministry of Foreign will provide an opportunity to all to have their certificates and other documents endorsed.