Jul 13, 2019

Did spider man get caught in PM’s web? Featured

A court decision was issued giving the distribution rights of all films to the National Film Corporation which was earlier done by the private cinema boards. However, Sri Lanka Mirror learns that serious issues have arisen as the National Film Corporation has been unable to implement the distribution process.

This situation has been aggravated by the film hall owners not adhering to the National Film Corporation decision to categorise and distribute films under three streams.

The new film Spider Man: Far from Home 2019 commenced showing in Sri Lanka last Friday, but currently even film halls without permission to show these films are doing so.

It is said that many cinema halls including the eight Scope Cinema Halls are showing this film without Film Corporation authorisation.

It is said that this film has been brought to Sri Lanka by Scope Cinema which is owned by a close friend of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe named Imtiaz Cader, his son Wasim and another person Thushan Rangana.

According to cinema field sources, they are using the connection with the Prime Minister to their advantage and have somehow managed to tame future presidential hopeful Sajith Premadasa as well, who is the minister in charge of the cinema field.

Therefore, under this situation, even the courts are in a precarious predicament.

The film experts said that when the Prime Minister was ousted from office, it was the courts that came to his rescue and ensured that justice was upheld. At such a situation when a court verdict has been issued in favour of the National Film Corporation, it is ironic that a party connection to the Prime Minister himself is flouting this order. As such their actions is a disgrace upon the Prime minister.

This also points to another factor which is that it is evident that the person aspiring to be the next President is a weak personality who cannot take firm decisions.