Jul 12, 2019

Senadhipathi accuses Navy officers of supplying weapons to ISIS and Al Qaeda Featured

Major Nissanka Senadhipathi, Chairman of Avant Garde, alleges that corrupt officers in the Navy's lower-level ,who are in charge of the safety of the weapons, have sold more than 800 weapons (This is just the number of weapons we know. The actual count may be much higher.) illegally to foreigners for $ 5,000.

He has revealed this on a post in Save Avant Garde Facebook page.

The main reason for the Navy's land-based arms defense operations being handed over to his company was the allegations on providing licenses, extortion, foreign nationals entering the country with weapons which causes threat to national security and ISIS and Al Qaeda getting hold of these weapons, he mentioned.

He further states that he posses evidence to prove this and that this discussion took place in front of five Admirals.

As we already operated an Armored Ship without anyone's assistance in red sea and also because Avant Garde is the only company that has experience in offshore weapons defense the operation was handed over to us, he added.

He further stated that reason why these information was not disclosed earlier was because he was not willing to embarrass Sri Lanka Navy.