Jul 11, 2019

Sinhala Ravaya writes to AG! Featured

The Sinhala Ravaya Organisation has questioned the Attorney General as to why no action was taken against Saharan Hashim and group in 2017 when they had attacked the Sufi Muslims in Kattankudy.

Saharan is considered as the Leader of the National Thawheed Jamáad Organisation (NTJ).

The Secretary of the Sinhala Ravaya Magalkande Sudantha Thera said that his organisation had handed over a letter to the AG last afternoon (10).

He said that Saharan and his clan had attacked the Sufi Muslims in Kattankudy in 2017 and destroyed their properties.

He alleged that with regard to the Easter Sunday terror attack investigations, it is clear that it is the small fish that are being implicated.

“The Kattankudy Police OIC in his evidence before the Parliament Select Committee appointed to investigate the Easter Sunday terror attacks said that on June 07, 2017 he had handed over a 300 page report regarding that incident to the Attorney General’s Department.

OIC dumbfounded

“However, due to the failure of the AG to issue appropriate recommendations, in June 12th 2018 the Counterterrorism Bureau had sent a reminder to the AG’s Department. But, we see that the AG’s Department has not taken any action regarding this matter,” Sudantha Thera said.

He pointed out that had the AG’s Department taken appropriate action and had arrested Saharan and his group, the Easter Sunday attacks could have been averted and the lives of over 250 victims could have been saved.

The Thera also noted that the AG’s Department had notified him that within 14 days a response regarding the action taken against Saharan Hashim would be sent to him.

“With regard to the investigations on the Easter Sunday terror attacks, we see that it is the small fish that are being penalised and just arresting the Defence Secretary and the IGP alone is insufficient. Those above them should also be investigated to determine if they had carried out their duties. The AG should also be investigated to determine if he had done his part.

Responding to a question raised by a journalist whether in a situation where the then AG Jayantha Jayasuriya is the current Chief Justice if justice would be served, Sudantha Thera said that there is an issue in the manner the law is enforced.

“In any case, we have serious suspicions regarding the manner the law is enforced. Positions are irrelevant to us. We are talking about the person who served as the AG at the time. Therefore, the law should be fair to all,” Magalkande Sudantha Thera noted.