Jul 09, 2019

Houses in Uduppuwa have no water only meters (pics) Featured

The people living in Uduppuwa have to walk for miles in search of drinking water due to the severe drought.

Around 2000 families are facing this situation, it is reported.

The houses in this village had been given water supply around ten years ago, but three months after the water supply was given to them, it was disconnected, the residents claim.

They said that all that is left are the water meters that were affixed and due to the dire shortage of water, they had been forced to break the supply line from several places to collect water by coconut shells for drinking purposes.

The residents said that due to the lack of water, they are forced to obtain water from other areas and the cost of transport and water that each family has to spend per day amounts to round Rs. 500.

However, due to the prolonged drought, water is scarce in other villages too and as a result around 2000 families are experiencing grave difficulty without water for drinking and other essential purposes.

Udappuwa is a traditional fishing and prawn farming village which is located around 65 miles north of Colombo and in close proximity to the Chilaw town and Munneswaram Kovil.

Photos by Priyankara Kalupahana – Puttalam Corr.