Jul 08, 2019

China-gifted frigate arrives at Colombo (Pics)

P 625, a “state-of-the-art” frigate gifted by China to Sri Lanka Navy,arrived at Colombo Harbor today (08 July) after 12 days’ sail from Shanghai, with 18 officers and 92 sailors on board.

The arrival was warmly welcomed by Mr. Cheng Xueyuan, Ambassador of China to Sri Lanka, and Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva, Commander of Sri Lanka Navy, representatives of Sri Lanka-China friendly organizations and overseas Chinese Community. A welcome reception for the ship was also hosted in the Chinese embassy on the same day.

The Frigate will be a main ship in charge of offshore patrol, maritime safety, environment monitoring, anti-piracy combat and other operations for Sri Lanka Navy.

This pretty young ship is considered a most advanced and capable one in SLN. Built in 1994, it is 112 meters long, 12.4 meters wide, 3.5 meters designed draft, 1975 tons of standard drainage, and 2308 tons of full-load drainage. It can withstand force 9 wind (strong gale) when it is standard drainage. The power system uses two 18E390VA (optimized) medium-speed diesel engines. Endurance is 3500 nautical miles and self-sufficiency of P625 is 15 days and nights when sailing at 18 knots patrol speed. The main weapon equipment comprises one 100mm main gun (the most powerful in SLN), four twin 37mm auxiliary guns. Electronic system is equipped with 360 air and sea warning radar and Synapsis navigation radar.

The hand-over of the vessel was sped up after the 21/4 attacks. Besides, the PLA Navy of China has held a two-month professional training for more than 110 Sri Lanka naval officers and sailors in Shanghai. Further training will be provided according to the need of Sri Lankan Navy.