Jul 07, 2019

Part of Sri Lanka's historical tea estate to be sold Featured

The Ceylon Estate Staff Union alleges that there is a plan to sell 45 acres from historical Loolecondera Tea Estate to a private company.

The estate belongs to the Janatha Estate Development Board (JEDB).

The General Secretary of the Ceylon Estate Staff Union, Nath Amerasinghe says that James Taylor marking the beginning of tea plantation in Sri Lanka planted 25 acres of tea at the historic Loolecondera Tea Estate in Delthota, Kandy.

He also says that there is a huge market in Europe for tea produced in the Loolecondera Tea Estate.

However, Chairman of the Janatha Estates Development Board Amal Arundewana says that there are about 40,000 hectares of JEDB owned land and only about 4,000 hectares are currently in production.

He says that all the other land are empty and JEDB is currently calling for proposals from the private sector to reduce loss and obtain additional tax revenues by leasing out the land for productive projects.

Accordingly, 3,000 to 4,000 acres will be leased for various projects.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nath Amarasinghe says that if the historic estate is to be sold, the entire estate staff and the plantation workers will take to the streets and launch a massive protest.

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